Safari for PC Download - Free Latest Version of Windows 10 & 8.1

Apply has introduced successfully and recently the Safari, which is their world’s easy to use and fastest web browser for Macs and windows PC. yes, safari being the fastest browser that is running on windows is based on the iBench test of industry standards, the rendering of web pages to twice faster as IE 7 and to 1.6 times faster than Firefox. Safari joins in the iTunes for delivering the legendary user experience to both Mac and windows users along with complete open support of the open internet standard. How to Get Safari windows ensures well easy to management of bookmarks, the effortless browsing with easy organizing tabs or built in RSS readers for quickly scanning latest information and news.

Impressive interface

At present, the public beta is today available for Download safari for Windows 10 PC at their official website. The Safari windows is definitely going to impress the windows users as they will find it as the intuitive and fast web browsing with it. Hundreds or million number of windows users that already made of iTunes and looking forward for turning them on Safari superior browsing experience even. safari is termed as fastest browser on Mac and now it is called as fastest browser on Windows too, the drawing and loading of web pages is faster than the Internet explorer or Mozilla firefox.

safari for Windows download


The Safari windows speed is combined well with its entire intuitive interface that allows every user to spend more amount of time in surfing web and less on waiting for pages to get them loaded. Some more features of safari is also available for windows users that includes Snap Back, which is one click access to initial query search, the resizable text filed, private browsing for ensuring that the info about individual browsing history is not stored. It is also the one which supports well all the internet standards in modern way so that the users can completely view sites as they are meant for watching, and that includes the Java, SVG, JavaScript, CSS, HTML or more.

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Download Mobdro for iOS Devices - Install Mobdro App on iPhone

Mobdro application is one of the unique applications that any user can find for the purpose of video streaming movies, TV series and other videos. The best part aboutvusing the How to Download Mobdro application is that the users get access to the videos and movies from a number of sites on a single platform. Yes, Mobdro application does not have its own content but acts as a common platform for the videos that are already available on different sites. The application has both free and paid membership plans both of which are great options for the users looking for some entertainment on the go.


The users should not waste any time searching for the application on the Google play Store since the application is not available for direct installation from the Google Store. They might end up installing some fake applications which would in turn damage their devices. They should rather follow these simple steps so as to get the application on their devices:

Mobdro for iOS

  1. First of all the user needs to select the installation from unknown sources option from the settings section.
  2. He then needs to search for a trusted source of the Mobdro application on the internet and download the apk file.
  3. He then needs to install the apk file and he is ready to go.

As of now, the Mobdro application is only available for Android devices. Hence iOS users cannot use the app as of now. However, there are ample chances that the application will be available for the iOS users very soon.

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Apple's Best Gaming Mouse - Buyers Guide

A mouse is always much easier to use rather than using a trackpad. It is always quicker, comfortable and more efficient. So, finding the best Apple gaming mouse is not that straight and simple. You will need to open many tabs and search which is technically compatible.

Here, I have compiled a list of some of the best gaming mouse to use on your Windows system or Mac.

List of Apple best Gaming mouse

Here are some of the best gaming mouse that you can choose. Let’s have a look at the lists.

Apple Magic Mouse 2:

Most of the people who are game lovers look for the sleek, flat and symmetrical shape to be comfortable in the hand while playing games. It comes with the latest in innovative touch-sensitive technology launch by Apple.

The price tag is a little bit higher, but if you look at the design and performance, it is a lot more worthy. It is built with a laser technology to perform 20 times faster than the regular mouse available in the market.

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Take part in the TalktoWendys Survey and Share your Experience

The 21st century is all about technology and tech-related things where growing internet technology is increasing rapidly. People get used to several internet things, online stuff, and online habits. Most of the results are beneficial to everyone. One of the main highlighted online habits that are seen among the users is giving feedback and taking part in a survey. TalktoWendys is a very important habit because through this habit you can make people aware of the unknown things and people will get the knowledge to certain things or fake things. So your online purchasing experience should be shared so more and more customers can see it and make the proper decision.

What is TalktoWendys

Survey and feedback are the most valuable things that people always look for when they visit the site or go to the place first. So a survey portal must exist for every business to give a chance to the buyers and customers to share their experience of buying or purchasing something. The Sonic restaurant is one of the famous restaurants of Oklahoma City, the US where the foods are very preferable. TalktoWendys is a chain based food restaurant. The reasons behind the huge popularity of the Sonic restaurant are the retro theme the restaurant provides, the drive-in fast food service, the chain based food operations, happy hours and the famous carnival-like menu items. Undoubtedly it is one of the restaurants that the Oklahoma city people prefer. The TalktoWendys restaurant has their survey portal too and that is the TalktoWendys. It is the Sonic restaurant survey where the customers can share their experience, give their valuable feedback and complete the survey.

Reason to do it and the topics to discuss

The main reason to do the TalktoWendys survey is to share the personal experiences of the customers so that the other customers can see it. Also your shared survey, feedback, the experience will be taken positively by the restaurant and they will act on it. If there are negative and faulty restaurant management found then the restaurant will immediately check them and make it right for the customers. Many people have done the survey on TalktoWendys so far and some of the topics discussed on the survey are – the best food services restaurants, the quantity, and quality of the food, the speed and time of service, order accuracy, the management and cleanliness of the restaurant, the taste of the food, the payment methods.

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How to shoot in Gun mayhem Game: Tips & Tricks

Many of us know gun mayhem is one of the best unblocked game that can be played in online for free. In order to play this game every one must know about the game controls present it. Actually for any type of unblocked game, the game controls will be based on the type of the game you are playing like for shooting games, run games, tank games and many more.

About Gun Mayhem Game:

When the game was first designed it will have some specific game controls, so everyone must first know about the game controls and then you should start playing the game. Here are the game controls for 1 player, 2 player and multi player. This gun mayhem unblocked game can be played by 8 number of people at a time. So for each player the game controls will be different. If you want to know about the each player game control then you can simply check below.

Gun Mayhem Game Controls For Player 1

For the first player to play the gun mayhem game they should use the arrow buttons to move. That is Left and Right arrow buttons to move from side to side. In order to Jump they should use UP key arrow button. To jump down use Down arrow button. For shooting use Z key and to throw a bomb use X key button. The game controls of player 1 will be constant that is these will be the game control of player 1 for 2 player mode or even if you play in multi player mode. These will be the fixed Keys.

Gun Mayhem Game Controls For Player 2

If you are playing the game then you can go with 1 mode of 2 modes. If you go with 1 mode then your opponent will be computer or pc, but if you go with 2 player mode then your friend will be your opponent. So these will the game controls for the second player. To move front and back you need to use np7 and np9 to move front and back. For jumping use np/ and to move down use np8 key. Use np* to shoot when your enemy appears and to throw a bomb use the np- button.

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Analyzing The Popularity Of Helium 10 Vs. Jungle Scout

Realizing the importance of optimization software in the online business world is priceless. The level of competition that all such companies have to face call, for a neck to neck battle that must be fought with clarity. Business platforms like Amazon use software like helium 10 that especially deals with the level of searching the products and making the keywords available to the customers. Of course, a competitive spirit has also been initiated by Jungle Scout, which is yet again another tool that stands to place all sellers of Amazon across the world find the right field of selling their products. Therefore, analyzing the prospect of which tool is considered to be more efficient, let us look at some features that can help in distinguishing the major attractions.

The popularity of Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10:

Having to be popular comes with a lot of perks. In order to see the difference between helium 10 vs. Jungle scout, the level of their own popularity can be established. The tool collection of Activate Helium 10 Coupon is more in comparison to Jungle scout. Although this doesn’t stop the software from turning its face back, it has likely invented the very first Chrome extension that can help with the business growth. Although this tool is used by the sellers all over, the use of Helium 10 is pretty limited.

However, the market growth of both the software’s has been pretty amazing. In order to gain more traffic, the use of Helium 10 calls for immediate attention. Therefore, the final result and vote happen to be in the direction of Helium 10, due to the ever-increasing connection of traffic that is drawn. But this doesn’t mean that Jungle Scout must be neglected.

Considering the accuracy of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout:

The battle for the best software between helium 10 vs. Jungle scout is still on. In analyzing the accuracy level of both the software’s, an average estimate can be called upon. In relation to Jungle Scout, the accuracy level can go up to an estimate of 60% but for Helium 10, one can significantly call for the accuracy to be 90%. Therefore, the keyword search process is certainly clarified with the help of this tool. Therefore, even if Jungle Scout is used by Amazon, other users are fond of Helium 10 because of the sort of availability of the right set of information.

The tracking of products with the two software:

Over a constant period of time, Jungle Scout is able to focus and creates a big turn in relation to monitoring a range of products. The margin of being able to spot errors is also present with Jungle Scout in terms of the sales that are taking place.

On the other hand. Helium 10 can be considered to be better accuracy in terms of product tracking. All suitable information can be gathered regarding any particular product. Whether it is the type of product that the seller is selling or anything that requires an estimate, the range can be calculated and the promotions can be done accordingly. Therefore, considering the answer to this question, both the software’s give a tough competition to each other.

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The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2017 - Buyer's Guide

 Best Bluetooth Speakers Within Rs. 5000

-Logitech X50

Logitech X50 looks funky but the speaker is unimaginably powerful with clean and pleasant audio quality. The price range of this small machine is unbelievably low and the quality delivers within this price tag is commendable. Price 1581


The JBL Go is the piece of attraction one. It is simple yet aesthetically on a higher scale. The incredible delivery of the speaker will make you stunned. The sound quality is decently loud and powerful. You will become the fan of its soundstage feature. However, you will be a bit disappointed with the bass delivery. Price: 1999

-UE Roll

Ultimate Ears is one of the best buys among the Best Bluetooth Speakers.The delivery is quite impressive with the amazing sound clarity. The audio is really powerful making a full circle range and an audibly pleasant sound. The product is available in various colors and a bit different categories to differentiate among them. There is a waterproofing make available which is recommended looking at the portability coefficient of the product usability. PriceRs. 4379

Within Rs. 10000

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Facebook App Download, Free Messenger Google Play Store

Smartphones have emerged into the market in order to make the communication between the folks quite faster and simple. It is not just possible to just have a smartphone. After the release of mobile phones, people had a chance of using only voice call option. After the rapid advancement and with the development of several apps, people started using them for the communication purpose through their smart devices. People require some apps in order to associate with one another in the best possible way. Many of the developers have developed several apps in order to help the users in communicating with their friends and beloved ones.

Facebook is one of the most popular messaging applications that allow the users to communicate with one another in the best way. Using this app, the users can send instant text messages, make free voice and video calls, and add emojis, emoticons to their text and a lot more stuff. The users who are seeking to get this Facebook app could download and install it on their mobile device. Here is everything you need to know about Facebook app downloading process and a lot more. You can learn the process of downloading and installing Facebook app on your Android or other mobile platforms. Check it out!

Facebook App

Facebook is the best social media website that has acquired massive popularity among the users across the globe. On this website, the users can easily send instant text messages, communicate with people via making free calls both audio and video. There are numerous excellent features available on this Facebook app for all the users. On this app, you can make friends and start communication in a simple way. This Facebook app supports different mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and a lot more.

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How to Download Tinder for PC/Laptop on Windows(7/8.1/10)

Hi mates, Google Play Store had got a lot of utilizations that make our reality straightforward and simple, could make our exhausting time for you to pass. There are additionally Lifestyle applications around the Store now I will share surely one of individual applications ideal here. This is a guide with respect to how to get Tinder for PC download which guide will work effortlessly on your Home windows PC which too for nothing out of pocket.

The application is created by the official Tinder engineer that is as of now recorded as Top Developer inside the Google Play Store which makes it be evident this application might be worth to test no less than one time.

It can be difficult to fulfill with adjacent people who haven't turned into an individual from inside your number of baddies. However Tinder application enables you to converse with obscure adjacent individuals making them your pals the fundamental idea of tinder application is to converse with unusual people with plan of dating. Tinder application lets you rapidly pick in the event that you are taking a gander at somebody or something else, in the wake of viewing a truly crucial profile, essentially as indicated by precisely what the individual appears. Should you consider the individual is hot, you snap the middle.

Tinder for PC Download

How You Can Install Tinder For PC

Inside this Guide will Completely Demonstrate how you can introduce Tinder on your PC. It'll work with All Home windows renditions like Home windows 7/8/8.1/and Xp as well. You'll surely like it I truly trust

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Choosing Art for Your Home: A Personal Journey






FTTH is an abbreviation for Fiber-To-The-Home. This is a situation where fibre is laid from a terminal up to the edge of occupied premises. The fibre here is the fibre optics cable used in transmitting information data from one point to the other. Prior to its invention, copper cables was used in its stead for telephone or telegraph cables. Like in other spheres of technological advancement, the telecommunication sector has not been left out. The innovation of the FTTH cable is therefore a landmark achievement that has revolutionized the telecommunications sector. The obvious advantages of FTTH have made it the preferred data transmission option of the century. The innovation is most appreciated for the express speed at which data is transmitted and broadband access delivered through it to households, unlike the case with the copper cable previously used, which was way slower in this regard.

It has been canvassed that the speed advantage of this new data, audio and visuals’ transmission technology is due to the fact that unlike the traditional method of data transmission which uses electricity as its medium, FTTH cable technology employs light as its transport medium, conveying information at the speed of light. For its innovation, the technology may soon totally displace the traditional copper cable technology as a means of data and other information transfer. 



  1. Internet speed: the speed at which data is transferred and broadband delivered is the prime edge that the FTTH cable technology has over the copper cable that was hitherto used. Since internet is fast becoming the medium for most communication world over, its speed has become a big issue and a decider where the intention is either to surf the net, download files, stream videos, or simply chat. The faster the internet speed delivered, the more it becomes earlier for people to stay in touch and maintain contact. The demand for internet has increased as more and more people now work from home outside formal settings, and their means of communication with the formal world is via fast uninterrupted internet.

  2. Technology: all over the world, there has been the shift from analog transmission to the digital. So, while the traditional copper cables are of the old analog order, FTTH represents the innovative digital world compliant order that seamlessly fits into other technological advancements in the telecommunications industry.

  3. Upcoming Applications: various innovative applications have been designed to leverage on the FTTH cable technology, hence, households can only maintain and enjoy such applications if they hook up with the fiber optic cable network connection.

  4. Availability of vendors: vendors or service providers of the FTTH cable technology are more readily available as those of the copper cable category are gradually being faced out of business.


  1. Expensive to deploy: the cost of procuring the cables and that of installation is so expensive that some households may not be able to afford it. It appears that the Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) cable technology may be a cheaper option;

  2. Fragile: the fragile nature of the optic fibre is such that can very easily suffer damage in the course of transportation or installation 




Difference between Web 1.0, Web 2.0, & Web 3.0

Nothing in the world is constant! It has also been said that the only constant thing in the world is change! Scientific and technological changes are by no means the least in this regard, and the World Wide Web suffers no exception in this regard. It has evolved like others, although most imperceptibly, except to the IT professionals. Many are unaware of the various web versions that have existed since its inception. But generally, it is accepted that there have been Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.


Web 1.0: Read only era - the is the state of the internet prior to 1999, and called the “Read Only” internet phase by experts. In this era, all internet users were only permitted to read the information available, and nothing more. Communication here was one-sided and ineffective as there is no inter-phase platform between the user and the information source. The only form of communication here is the input – output type between the internet site and the web user. This passive kind of communication makes no provision for feedback from the user.


Web 2.0: Read and Write era - the absence of an interactive platform on the Web 1.0 led to the emergence of this web which was launched in 1999. That year marks the beginning of an interactive web that allows users to not only Read, but to also give feedback by way of writing, posting or publishing any response or reaction to the former. This era witnessed the advent of blogging, chatting, social media like facebook, flickr, twitter and a few others. Interaction here is not only between users and the web, but also between two or more users. Communications here could therefore be directed at the public for their information and response.  Information sharing became the hallmark of this web era.


Web 3.0: Intelligence era – the fact that web 2.0 provides an interactive platform became insufficient as increased traffic on the web further made it imperative to isolate issues, identify users and deploy artificial intelligence and other security functionalities in web use and management. This web era saw to the fact that computers can source data, interpret, process, analyse and make conclusions based on input instruction.  Advanced search functions are also proposed features of this web. 



Wide Area Network (WAN)


What is Wide Area Network (WAN)? – This is a computer telecommunications network that spans an extensive geographical land area and distance. This kind of network thrives on much intervening distance(s), possibly in kilometres, between inter connected computer systems. The internet, being a form of Wide Area Network is often used by governments, commercial entities, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and individuals for communication. WAN therefore facilitates fast and effective business communication transactions, irrespective of location. The Wide Area Network can be said to be an interconnection of several Local Area Network (LAN).

A Service Provider avails a Subscriber with network access through either copper cable connections or the recent optic fibre cables. Its features are as discussed below; 

Its main components are;

Switches – this is a network device that commands a path for data units to a designated point

Router – this device is the intermediary connecting a LAN to the WAN, further routing messages between both networks

Modems – this device prompts a computer system to relate with similar devices over communication lines.

Standards: WAN operates within the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model which classifies communication systems into about 7 layers serving different specialized functions. It basically operates with Layer 1 and 2 levels. While Layer 1 involves the provision of functional mechanical and electrical connection in respect of the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) service, the Layer 2 counterpart defines data encapsulated for transmission.

Some other common terminologies include;

Encapsulation: this is the packaging of data in protocol headers for WAN operations.

Packet and Circuit Switching: these switches are deployed for use in high-end networks. Presently, most switched networks get data through network via switching. While circuit switching is fast becoming archaic, and expensive, packet switching is more modern and cheaper.

Routing Protocol: This protocol determines the communication modalities of routers on a network. Each router is aware of its surrounding neighbours and network topology structure.

Routing Information Protocol (RIP): this has also been referred to as the “Rest in Pieces” due to its penchant for sometimes disrupting network connection.
Distance Vector: this routing protocol demands that each router communicate with its neighbour about its routing table.

Link State: this routing protocol demands each router to maintain a partial map of the network.

IGRP: this distance vector routing protocol was designed by CISCO for communicating routing data on a system.

Routing: this is the process of determining how to move data packets between networks.

Internet Protocol (IP) address: all devise connected to the internet has a unique IP address assigned to it, just like we have unique descriptions for houses.

Circuit Switched Leased Lines: maintains the channels between nodes and terminals that permit users to communicate.

Packet Switching: this describes the incidence whereby messages are disintegrated in protocols before their transmission over the internet.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN): is the carrier of data, voice or images information through telecommunication mediums.

Packet Switched Data Network (PSDN): this is a network used for communicating data.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL): used to convey fast internet connections to micro businesses and homes.

Asymmetric Digital Subscribers Line (ADSL): mostly used for homes to provide high bandwidths. 

High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL): this is one of the earlier forms of Digital Subscriber Line used for transmissions within sites, phone companies and the customer.

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