Safari for PC Download - Free Latest Version of Windows 10 & 8.1

Apply has introduced successfully and recently the Safari, which is their world’s easy to use and fastest web browser for Macs and windows PC. yes, safari being the fastest browser that is running on windows is based on the iBench test of industry standards, the rendering of web pages to twice faster as IE 7 and to 1.6 times faster than Firefox. Safari joins in the iTunes for delivering the legendary user experience to both Mac and windows users along with complete open support of the open internet standard. How to Get Safari windows ensures well easy to management of bookmarks, the effortless browsing with easy organizing tabs or built in RSS readers for quickly scanning latest information and news.

Impressive interface

At present, the public beta is today available for Download safari for Windows 10 PC at their official website. The Safari windows is definitely going to impress the windows users as they will find it as the intuitive and fast web browsing with it. Hundreds or million number of windows users that already made of iTunes and looking forward for turning them on Safari superior browsing experience even. safari is termed as fastest browser on Mac and now it is called as fastest browser on Windows too, the drawing and loading of web pages is faster than the Internet explorer or Mozilla firefox.

safari for Windows download


The Safari windows speed is combined well with its entire intuitive interface that allows every user to spend more amount of time in surfing web and less on waiting for pages to get them loaded. Some more features of safari is also available for windows users that includes Snap Back, which is one click access to initial query search, the resizable text filed, private browsing for ensuring that the info about individual browsing history is not stored. It is also the one which supports well all the internet standards in modern way so that the users can completely view sites as they are meant for watching, and that includes the Java, SVG, JavaScript, CSS, HTML or more.

The updates of safari software also get delivered seamless with the apple software updading app, that automatically check for all updates. The public beta for free is available at present and can be downloaded simply. It is also having the preview software which is licensed for usage on trial basis for limited amount of time. The final version can also get available as feature in upcoming Mac or get available as free download for windows users too. the  Safari windows requires windows Vista or windows XP, minimum of around 256 memory and system wirh around 500 MHz Intel premium processor.

The performance of the same will even vary on the system configuration, the network connection or on some more factors. apple company has completed ignited personal computer revolution and at present it leads to industry in complete innovation with its all award winning computers, iLife, operating system of OS X and all professional apps. Update to Safari windows today to know more.

How to download and install Safari Browser on Windows 10?

People started using computers before 3 decades and everyone started with a basic computer, and the line of usage of specific things were very straight forward. Just like if you are using a MAC OS, then you should be using Safari Browser, if you are using Linux OS then you have to use Mozilla Firefox, if you are using windows OS you should be using Google Chrome, if you are using android you should be using Google Chrome or UC Browser, but it is not mandatory.

People first started with Internet Explorer on early stages of windows and then gradually moved to chrome and Firefox, now you even have UC browser for windows, which was previously mobile only browser. SO, in this post I will post a detailed guide on how the install the so called Apple’s safari browser on a windows operating system.

The installation process is simple, it doesn’t mean that if you are installing other owners application on a competitors operating system, the process should be very complicated, follow the steps mentioned below to install safari browser on windows 8 or windows 8.1 and windows 10. If you face any trouble or get error you can always check the web for the solution.

Many people want to use safari browser for iPhone because the internet explorer is very slow and it will take whole day to load a complex pages, and the chrome browser will suck up all your RAM memory, and if you are using a less RAM computer, then it will slow down your whole computer, so the safri or the firefox browser will never give you these 2 problem you can use them.

How to install Safari on windows?

Make sure that your windows operating system is up to date and browse the link mentioned below using any browser and download the executable file.

Link to download safari exe file: http://appldnld.apple.com/Safari5/041-5487.20120509.INU8B/SafariSetup.exe

Now, save it in your computer and open it as administrator, it will ask you for publisher rights, click on allow and the setup window will open.

Choose the necessary detail and assign everything as you wish in the setup windows and proceed to install the software. If everything goes fine, the browser will be installed in your windows OS successfully.

After successful installation, open the browser and you will be prompted to create an apple ID or if you have one before then you can directly sign in or create one and proceed, this will help you keep all your browsing history, bookmarks safe, even if you switch to other computer or device.

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