How to shoot in Gun mayhem Game: Tips & Tricks

Many of us know gun mayhem is one of the best unblocked game that can be played in online for free. In order to play this game every one must know about the game controls present it. Actually for any type of unblocked game, the game controls will be based on the type of the game you are playing like for shooting games, run games, tank games and many more.

About Gun Mayhem Game:

When the game was first designed it will have some specific game controls, so everyone must first know about the game controls and then you should start playing the game. Here are the game controls for 1 player, 2 player and multi player. This gun mayhem unblocked game can be played by 8 number of people at a time. So for each player the game controls will be different. If you want to know about the each player game control then you can simply check below.

Gun Mayhem Game Controls For Player 1

For the first player to play the gun mayhem game they should use the arrow buttons to move. That is Left and Right arrow buttons to move from side to side. In order to Jump they should use UP key arrow button. To jump down use Down arrow button. For shooting use Z key and to throw a bomb use X key button. The game controls of player 1 will be constant that is these will be the game control of player 1 for 2 player mode or even if you play in multi player mode. These will be the fixed Keys.

Gun Mayhem Game Controls For Player 2

If you are playing the game then you can go with 1 mode of 2 modes. If you go with 1 mode then your opponent will be computer or pc, but if you go with 2 player mode then your friend will be your opponent. So these will the game controls for the second player. To move front and back you need to use np7 and np9 to move front and back. For jumping use np/ and to move down use np8 key. Use np* to shoot when your enemy appears and to throw a bomb use the np- button.


That's it. These are the game controls to play the gun mayhem. With these controls you can simply win the  game. If you have any other queries simply share with us.

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